Sunday 30 July 2023

Update on Logie home insulation #dundeewestend

Residents will recall that we have long-campaigned for better insulation of the houses in the Logie estate.

Given their historical nature - the oldest council housing scheme in Scotland - and Conservation Area status, they are not suitable for external wall insulation. However, an internal solution (IWI) is the answer.

Back in March, we held a well-attended meeting of over 40 tenants at the Lime Street sheltered lounge at which two senior housing officers updated the audience that the council intended to undertake a trial at one void property with latest internal insulation techniques and, assuming success, move forward with a programme of internal insulation for Logie council tenants to be programmed within the housing Capital Programme.

As reported recently in the Courier and Evening Telegraph, we recently asked for an update from the council and the Head of Housing and Construction Services has advised :

"Similar to the pilot property at Tullideph, we intend to use the next available void in Logie to trial the IWI solution. We are just waiting on a Void becoming available and then this pilot will progress alongside Tullideph*."

It is looking likely that a start on site for the full programme at Logie will be within the 2026/27 financial year - similar to that for insulation improvements Abbotsford/Corso.   We think the tenants at Logie, Corso and Abbotsford have all waited too long for these improvements and we will continue to press the council to programme this is as soon as possible.

* Tullideph - although most of the estate already has external wall insulation, this relates to council properties that could not be undertaken due to owner objections in a block and therefore an internal insulation solution is required for these tenants.