Saturday 3 June 2023

Sheltered shopping bus service #dundeewestend

The council’s shoppers’ bus service restarted in June 2022 after being withdrawn at the end of March 2020 due to the pandemic.   It aims to help older residents mainly in sheltered housing get to a supermarket and back each week.

The service operates Tuesday to Friday every week and in the West End runs as follows :

Tuesdays – Pick up at Tullideph Place (12.05pm), Logie lounge in Lime Street (12.10pm) then Pine Court in Logie Gardens (12.15pm) to take folk to Tesco Riverside and return.

Thursdays – Pick up at Corso Street (10.10am), Pennycook Lane (10.15am), Muirlands (10.20am) and Paton’s Lane (10.25am) to take folk to Tesco Riverside and return.

Sadly, the SNP administration on the council decided to axe the service from April 2024, something the Liberal Democrat Group opposed at the council budget earlier this year.   Unfortunately the SNP decision to axe the service won the vote.  

The council is now trying to get one of the community transport operators to take the service on and our group strongly feels this vital service must be saved.