Sunday 2 April 2023

Skylarks at Riverside Nature Park #dundeewestend

From the City Council :

"Visitors to Riverside Nature Park are being reminded to take care when navigating the area in order to keep ground-nesting birds safe, ahead of the start of the skylark breeding season.

Riverside Nature Park, which was created on an area of landfill by the River Tay, is now home to the largest wildflower meadows in the city and is a popular spot for walkers and dog owners.

In order to protect the ground-nesting birds, such as skylarks, the council and the Friends of Riverside Nature Park Group are again asking walkers to be careful at the Nature Park from April to August, and to keep on paths with dogs on leads.

The measures in place, and the public keeping to them, have helped the skylarks to achieve an impressive increase in the number of birds at Riverside, despite a general decline of the bird species across the UK.

Skylarks are currently on a national red list, which is compiled by a number of conservation organisations and contains the species most at-risk in the UK."