Saturday 4 February 2023

Getting things done - Newhall Gardens #dundeewestend

Some time ago,  trees had to be removed on Riverside Avenue south of Newhall Gardens, to protect rail line safety.

As one resident in Newhall Gardens recently asked :

"Could I please ask that some could be planted to replace the ones cut down on Riverside Avenue when works were done to the railway line ?

I realise that access needs to be kept clear to the line now but there is plenty of space for new trees.

The houses in Newhall Gardens are now enduring more lights from the businesses, noise and pollution from traffic on Riverside Avenue."

We raised this with the council's Forestry Officer had received this helpful response :

"Planting was to be undertaken by ourselves a number of months ago. 

I am of course tying to have this completed this planting season with the resources I have and the work load. I will have a discussion with a colleague and see if I can move this one using gardeners to plant it up.

The selected trees are mainly hardwood similar to the original shelterbelt, conifer species unfortunately are not used so close to the rail track for safety reasons."