Thursday 15 December 2022

Getting things done - Ancrum Road and Tullideph Road #dundeewestend

A resident recently raised with us road safety at the Ancrum Road/Tullideph Road junction pointing out :

"The speed of traffic turning from Ancrum Road into Tullideph Road is often inappropriately high and I suspect an element of this is that they’re using Tullideph Road as a rat run to avoid the wait at the Logie Street Lights.

Vehicles very regularly cut the corner at speed when entering the road and over the years I’ve had to take avoiding action as cars enter Tullideph on the wrong side of the road, it’s particularly dangerous if I want to turn right.

The speed of this traffic hinders pedestrians trying to cross the road.

Would it be possible to have a traffic island added at the junction to give pedestrians somewhere protected when crossing the road, and this would also force cars to take a sharper turn into a narrower space which hopefully might slow them down a little? The red dot marks the location for the island on the image."

We raised this with the council roads team and had this helpful response :

"This is one of our road safety sites we have previously done remedial works on.

The accident problem was drivers failing to slow and give way when they turned left from Tullideph Road into Ancrum Road. What we did was build-out the nearside kerb line to make it less of a sweeping manoeuvre.

So, these road safety improvements makes it harder in fact impossible to install an island. The turning arcs, especially bigger vehicles such as refuse/HGVs etc. vehicles are affected. Basically, they can’t make the right hand turn out onto Ancrum Rd and left into Tullideph coming up the hill from Logie St. At a push we may be able to provide a painted hatched road marking island with red inset similar to the one installed Johnston Ave at Clepington Road - see

Another option might be to provide a right turn lane on Ancrum Road for this manoeuvre, it has been noted at times a queue of cars can be waiting to turn here.

Although this will depend on the road space we have, we already have a bus stop and disabled bays opposite Tullideph Rd so this may constrict available road space to form such a lane.

We would need to have look at this. Probably something we will need to look at into next financial year as we have lots going on right now already. This would also need to compete with other priority schemes so I can’t guarantee anything right now. For now, I’ll add on the list for possible consideration for next year.

Currently, there are no reported injury accidents at this junction on the period 01 Jan 2017 – 24 Sep 2022. This is a good thing and indicates our previous improvements are working."