Wednesday 6 April 2022

Friends of Wighton lunchtime recital today

Live at the Wighton - today -Wednesday 6th April, 2.15pm

From Sheena Wellington :

We have had to change the time of our Lunchtime Recital to fit the Library's hours but we are back live!

Today - Wednesday 6th April at 2.15pm - Friends of Wighton present a live Lunchtime Recital by Eric Gudmunsen.

Eric Gudmunsen who shares his time between his native Dundee and Killarney, is a singer-songwriter and stand-up comedian.   He can often be found at Boots Corner delighting passers-by with his warm, mellow voice, his winning personality, his quick wit and his wide range of songs, traditional modern and self-penned.

Eric is a well-travelled man with a fund of stories about his adventures. He has recorded several CDs, his latest "Meh Dundee Sangs"  telling of his affection for his own city. 

​You may have heard Eric as he busked in town and thought, "That lad can really sing!" Now is your chance to sit in comfort and enjoy the talent of Eric Gudmunsen.

Admission is free, donations are welcomed.