Saturday 20 November 2021

Picnic tables for Magdalen Green #dundeewestend

The City Council gave me a commitment some time ago that it would provide more picnic tables for Magdalen Green and take steps to reduce the risk of fire, following one being destroyed by fire some months ago.

I requested an update from Neighbourhood Services at the council and have now been advised as follows by the Service Manager - Environment :

"I can confirm that 6 concrete pads are planned to be installed which the picnic benches shall be fixed to. 

There are currently 4 benches which I understand require some refurbishment which we shall undertake. This will leave two pads empty initially and we are currently costing 2 steel galvanised picnic tables, as yet have not identified budget for these.

The 4 wooden benches will be fitted with galvanised tops in an effort to reduce the risk of fire.

(We) shall contact Friends of Magdalen Green to discuss and agree the location of the concrete pads prior to installation."