Tuesday 7 September 2021

Safety update - Balgay Road/Blackness Road and Avenue junction #dundeewestend

Further to the numerous concerns raised with me by residents following a number of accidents at the Balgay Road/Blackness Road and Avenue junction, I raised the matter with Traffic and Road Safety Team Leader at the City Council.

I am pleased to have now had the following helpful update :

"We have been out to this junction and have spoken to adjacent residents regarding the junction and they were quite informative. 

It is our intention to include this junction as a future road safety location and we will be looking to undertake additional measures to improve road safety for the travelling public.  

I cannot say what the measures will be but once we have had a more detailed look I will provide you with an updated situation when we have it."

I also raised the matter at the council's City Development Committee last night during a discussion about road safety.    

I am anxious to ensure that there is road safety work undertaken at this location as soon as possible.     Four accidents in as many months is a real concern and it is vital the issue is tackled.

At committee last night, I also raised residents' requests to include Windsor Street in the adjacent 20mph zone.     I suggested the council go through the traffic regulation order process to consult residents and other stakeholders on this.    My proposal was unfortunately rejected 15-12, voted down by the SNP administration.

I also highlighted the need to include other West End sites for future 20mph zones and specifically mentioned the Logie area as many residents have said to me that they would welcome a lower speed limit in Logie given the narrow streets and number of elderly residents.   Officers did commit to give this consideration and this is to be welcomed.