Tuesday 29 June 2021

Getting things done - Roseangle playpark #dundeewestend

A resident recently advised as follows :

"We frequent the playpark near Magdalen Green regularly and have noticed a lot of nettles around the equipment. We appreciate that council has made the choice to let some grass grow longer and are complete on board with that but it makes it hard to enjoy the park when there are large nettle bushes around these attractions."

This is a very valid concern and I raised this with environment management to have nettles/weeds near play equipment removed.

Additionally, a resident also recently pointed out :

"I am just emailing about the gate at Roseangle playpark which faces onto the road at Roseangle. That gate does not have the usual bolt/closing mechanism (I am not sure if it has become broken at some point?) to stop it simply being pulled open by small children which, given the location next to a road, seems an obvious safety issue."

I immediately raised this with the City Council and the Service Manager (Environment) responded very promptly as follows :

"I can confirm that the gate was secured yesterday as a temporary measure, until a repair is undertaken to the slide bolt over the next few days."