Wednesday 17 June 2020

Getting things done - Clayhills Drive #dundeewestend

Following some pothole repairs in Clayhills Drive, residents asked me if the promised improvements to the road surface would still be possible this year, so I took this matter up with the council's Roads Maintenance Partnership.

The partnership manager has responded positively as follows :

"We are currently only undertaking essential works, which in reference to Clayhills Drive has been the filling of potholes which constituted a safety defect.

Planned maintenance works, such as scheme patching and resurfacing, are to recommence once operating restrictions are relaxed.  

I can confirm it is our intension to undertake planned structural inlay patching works at Clayhills Drive in the current financial year.

When we recommence operations it’ll be on a phased return basis over the first month. The existing planned works programme has gone awry following lockdown. In addition to the implications of a phased resource return, we will also have a compressed summer window to undertake the seasonal works activities like surface dressing, footway slurry sealing, school playground resurfacing etc. 

We also have new priority projects such as the Spaces for People 20mph and traffic management projects, plus the completion of committed timescale works and works suspended at lockdown. 

We are reviewing the programme constraints however it is likely that structural inlay sites such as Clayhills Drive will move backwards in the delivery year to Autumn/Winter."