Thursday, 3 October 2019

Milnbank Road phone box - an update #dundeewestend

Further to my recent article about the state of the phone box in Milnbank Road, I have had the following feedback from BT :

"I’ve requested that an engineer be sent to give the box a clean.

I’m sorry to say that we will not be repainting the box as it has now been added to our street rationalisation project.

Our contractors are due to put a notice in this box to advise that we are removing it.

There would be the possibility to adopt the kiosk and our website here shows who can do this."

I queried the lack of consultation and usage figures at the phone box and was further advised by BT :

"There will be no formal notification as this box does not meet OFCOM criteria (there is another one within 400 metres).    We are posting a courtesy notice to advise that it is being removed and where the nearest one is located.

I’m afraid I can’t share usage with you but can say that it has had no emergency calls in the last twelve months.

Once the notice has been posted we would try and remove within 24 weeks.    This is why I advised regarding adoption."

I have responded to BT stating that, whatever their commercial considerations, the company has a responsibility to give an indication of usage before considering removing a phone box as boxes should not be removed where there is still a reasonable level of calls.