Friday, 15 June 2018

Friends of Wighton event

From Sheena Wellington :

Saturday 16th June, Cappuccino Concert - Wighton Heritage Centre, Central Library
11am – noon - tickets £5 

Andrew Gordon & Euan Johnston, songs, tunes and a bit of welly!

Euan Johnston and Andrew Gordon have been friends from the Scottish music scene for 15 years each a much respected performer in his own right.  

Finally getting together as a duo in early 2016, Euan and Andrew have worked on a set that shows their passion for Scottish and Irish Music.  

Never taking themselves too seriously, they switch from the serious to the surreal, from Spain to seals.  

Their accompanying guitar and bodhran rhythms could be considered “robust” and when both bodhrans are out … mighty!

Doors open 10.30am; tea/coffee available for a small donation.