Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Miller's Wynd Car Park #dundeewestend

The acquisition by Dundee City Council of the Miller's Wynd Car Park - from the University of Dundee - has provided much-needed additional free 2 hour parking in this area of Perth Road.

However, residents have pointed out the poor maintenance of the car park - the foliage is very tired, for example - see below :
I contacted the City Council about this and the Head of Roads and Transportation has advised :

"We will ensure it is clean and tidy in terms of litter and dumped materials such as the pallets.  However we will need to speak with colleagues regarding the vegetation and what is acceptable in terms of a clear out.  

... if the land is to operate as a car park we want it safe and visible in and out of car park, likewise we don't want to remove trees or other bushes that people like.  Kenny I will discuss at Management Board ... regarding some maintenance."

Nearby, on Perth Road itself, is a phone box in a poor state of repair - see right.   Following residents raising the condition of it with me, I contacted BT and have had the following update from the company :

"...  an engineer will be out in the next few days to repair and clean the payphone."