Thursday, 9 June 2016

Future of the 204 bus service settled

A number of residents have contacted me recently about the future of the 204/204a bus service.   

The contracts for the council-subsidised bus services - that aim to ensure streets otherwise not served by bus services - are up for renewal from mid-August and passenger surveys have been undertaken about usage.

The 204/204a has not been the best-performing of similar services - the 'split' part route meaning that for much of the route the services is only every two hours has made it difficult to built up passenger loyalty.   On the current "204 version" (as opposed to the 204a) there have been challenges with parts of the route (narrow streets with parked cars).

The good news is that the 204 service will continue with a new contract from August.     The council's Sustainable Transport Team Leader advised me earlier today :

"The contracts were exchanged yesterday.  You can advise constituents that the Service 204 is to continue - but in a revised format.  To be operated by Stagecoach Strathtay from 15 August 2016."

The revised route centres on the old 204a route (the version that includes Royal Victoria Hospital) - see route pictured right :

This will ensure an hourly service throughout the route.    If any resident has a query about the 204 service, please do not hesitate to contact me.