Monday, 27 April 2015

City Council committees tonight

At tonight's City Council's committees :

+ At Education Committee, I supported a Labour motion on staff shortages in Dundee schools and commented that this is a real concern (including the national issue about lack of supply teachers) that urgently needs addressed.   It was good to see cross-party agreement on this issue.   I also supported a further Labour motion to develop a proper brief for the Young Mothers' Unit, but the SNP administration voted this down.

+ At Housing Committee, I welcomed a Shelter-sponsored project that will allow for two staff to be attached to the City Council's Housing Department to undertake private sector landlord support projects.   I highlighted the wider issues of the need for improved levels of factoring and improving the condition of many flats' common areas, stair cleaning and ensuring improved condition and repair of much private sector housing.

+ At City Development Committee, I welcomed consultation of proposed waiting restrictions to tackle parking issues near Harris Academy - for example, at several of the junctions within West Park Road.

+ At Policy & Resources Committee, I emphasised the need to consider financial support for a City Centre Hogmanay event this year should the project to achieve an event this year manage to finalise a viable 2015 programme.