Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A fabulous night in the West End @wendchristmas

Many thanks to the large number of local residents, pupils from our local primary schools and Harris Academy, Rob Carstairs and team who provided another superb fireworks display, Rev Andrew Greaves and his colleagues at Dundee West Church for a great Christmas Concert, Arthurs (Senior and Junior!) of Elan Electronics for an excellent sound and lighting show, Wave 102 DJ Dave Price for Switching on the lights, Dundee City Council for all its help with the lights switch on, Downfield Musical Society's superb Dick Whittington stars for helping Dave with the lights switch on, Santa and his helpers and the Scotmid Community Fund who provided selection boxes for the children, Iain Wilson and the Nisa Extra Team for the excellent food and drink, Steve McSwiggan and his colleagues at the Saturday Morning Football League who did the stewarding and - lastly - but absolutely not least, the West End Christmas Fortnight Team for all their hard work that made tonight's West End Christmas Concert and Lights Switch On such a superb success!

And after a long, long sentence (above) here's some photos and a couple of videos from a night that shows community spirit is alive and well in Dundee's West End!
The large audience at Dundee West Church

Characters from Dick Whittington

A superb fireworks display

The Christmas Fortnight Team sorting the glow specs!
Santa distributes selection boxes to local children
The West End Christmas Tree lit at Seabraes