Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Friends of Wighton - latest update

From Sheena Wellington:

The summer holidays are almost over so these are the times and dates for the new Wighton sessions.  

Because of tutor commitments we have staggered start dates for the classes (see below).  We have also had to reorganise the classes slightly to fit everything into the Wighton Heritage Centre most of the time - my apologies for any inconvenience caused.   I'm sorry, but Gaelic and fiddle classes will still have to shift on Cappuccino Concert days so will be in the crèche on 17th August.   Class fee is £5, children £3. 

Gaelic class:                  10am  - 11am  17 Aug, (in crèche), 31 Aug, 14, 28 Sept, 5, 26 Oct

Fiddle classes (started 10th August):

      Intermediate:                       11am    - 12noon

      Improving beginners:            12 noon -  1pm

Whistle class:                             1pm - 2.30pm (from 24th August)

Harp class:                                  2.30pm - 4pm (from 7th September)

Scots song:                                Tuesday 2pm - 3.30pm  (from 20th August)   

We are hoping to organise a guitar class but that may be on a week night.