Monday, 12 March 2012

Getting things done ... Glenagnes Gardens, Riverside Drive and Blyth Street

The repaired fencing

I recently mentioned the collapsed fencing at Glenagnes Gardens and have therefore today praised the effectiveness of the Community Payback Scheme, that has seen improvements undertaken by people on community service orders - including replacing that fencing.

I recently nominated two schemes to be undertaken through the Community Payback Scheme – graffiti removal on Riverside Drive and replacing a damaged fence in Glenagnes Gardens – and both proposals were taken on by the scheme and have been successfully completed.

Community Payback Schemes are a way for the offender to make amends to the community for their crime.   I have been impressed with the speed with which Community Payback took on these schemes and made a good job of completing them.   

In Glenagnes Gardens, a large fence had collapsed and it was proving difficult to find out who was responsible for fixing it.    Residents asked me to see how it could be replaced and the finished job by Community Payback is extremely good.    The scheme is very well-managed by the City Council’s Social Work Department.

I have also nominated a seating area in Blyth Street that residents would like to see spruced up.   Local residents asked me if making the seating area nicer would be possible and I am hopeful that this suggestion will also be taken on too.