Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Scottish Liberal Democrat Leadership

I am saddened to learn that Tavish Scott has decided to step down as leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats. Tavish has been an excellent leader of the party and the bad, very bad, result on Thursday is not of his making.   I've texted him this afternoon to pass on my personal thanks to him for his service as party leader - Tavish visited Dundee on numerous occasions and, as I said to him, the party owes him a great debt of gratitude.   

There's one other person I have sent a text to this afternoon - Willie Rennie, new MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife.   I urged Willie to stand for the party leadership.   Willie is the obvious choice for the leadership of the Scottish Liberal Democrats - he's able, articulate and committed.   I hope he will decide to stand;  if he does, he will certainly have my support.
Willie Rennie with myself at a party conference