Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Busy Day ...

Today's activities included :
  • A meeting with National Express Dundee's Managing Director (more about that tomorrow, as the hour is late)

  • Attended a briefing for councillors about looked after children in Dundee This was a very worthwhile event at which the film 'Opal Fruits - A Year in Care' was shown - click on the headline above to read more about the film.

  • Attended the Community Spirit group's monthly meeting this evening. Community Spirit is the very active community group serving the Pentland, Ancrum and Cleghorn/Benvie Road areas. A useful briefing was given on pest control problems (particularly about seagulls). I updated the group on a recent traffic speed survey on City Road and changes to the bin collections in part of the area. These are:

A number of properties in the Pitfour Street area are currently served by the small bin collection system. In the forthcoming weeks, the City Council intends introducing wheeled bins to undernoted properties (letters are going to residents about this next week):

Pitfour Street - 2 - 20 (even)
City Road - No 31
Rosebery Street - 14 - 32 (even)
Benvie Road - 28 - 36 (even)

Following this, the Council intends introducing communal Eurobins to service the undernoted properties:

Pitfour Street - 1 - 23 (odd), 22 - 60 (even)
Benvie Rd - No 26
Rosebery St - 21 - 31 (odd)
Cleghorn St - 25 - 29 (odd)

The Eurobins will be installed on a trial basis initially and will situated in the channel of the road.