Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Paint “mess” to be removed from Thomson Street

As reported in today's "Courier", I am pleased to report that Scottish Water contractors have committed to removing a multi-coloured mess from the pavements and roadway of Thomson Street.

During autumn of last year, Scottish Water’s contractors Carillion undertook site investigations in Thomson Street to look at the condition of the water main, to see if it required replacement.

The investigatory works required marking the different utilities piping, jointing, etc on the street – with different utilities in different colours – leaving the road and pavement something of a patchwork of coloured markings, detracting from the look of the street.

Following complaints from residents about the paint mess, I was initially advised that the markings should be temporary and should fade after about 2 or 3 months. However, much of the markings are still there – Council Officers have advised me that this is because of the relatively low volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic and possibly milder weather.

As there was no immediate sign of the paint fading, I asked Council Officers if the contractor could be asked to take steps to have it removed. I have now received the following response from the City Council’s Planning and Transportation Department :

“Carillion has decided to remove all the paint spays in Thomson Street (to the best of their ability and to the degree possible) during the next week and are confident that they can finish this work by the end of (this) week (weather permitting).”

With regard to the investigatory works on the water main, it is understood that any replacement works have been deferred by Scottish Water until the 2010/11 financial year.