Saturday, 15 March 2008

A few updates:

A few updates:
  • A busy Friday evening trying to sort out electricity reconnection for an elderly couple in the West End (the main electricity cable outside their home had been inadvertedly cut) and I was very concerned for their situation - in the dark and cold. Thankfully, after various telephone discussions with Scottish & Southern Energy, their electricity supply was reconnected about 11pm.
  • I recently raised the damage to the "No Through Road" signs at the entrance to Bankmill Road, following residents' concerns. I have now had the following response from the City Council:

"The 'No Through Road' signs at the entrance to Bankmill Road have been checked by the area inspector. An order will be raised for the straightening of these poles for completion in the new financial year."

  • Following concerns raised by residents about a shopping trolley dumped by the railway line south of Magdalen Green, I contacted Network Rail. I have now had the following feedback:

"The shopping trolley has been removed and returned to the Tesco store. We have also cleared litter around the area and removed graffiti from the footbridge."