Monday, September 17, 2007

Latest updates ...

Pleased to say that I have been advised that the potholes I had complained about on Perth Road at the Invergowrie Drive junction (following residents contacting me) were repaired last Friday.
I had a complaint that part of the tiling at the pedestrian crossing (Blackness Avenue junction crossing east to west near Perth Road) was damaged. Have had the following feedback from the City Council:
"The plates referred to by the member of the public are stick-down tactile paving tiles to indicate the presence the pedestrian crossing to those with visual impairment. We had checked out the displaced tile and did not consider it to be a safety concern. (This has been) taken this up with Tayside Contracts and the tiles are to be re-installed."
Lastly, following my raising residents' complaints with the City Council, Abbotsford Street is to be given a second 'weeds spray'.