Saturday, 9 June 2007

FOCUS, Unadopted Footpaths

Spent much of today (almost!) delivering my latest FOCUS newsletter ... I say 'almost' because I must have bumped into at least 15 people on the way and as a result of long chats with residents, the number delivered was not exactly huge! That said, grateful to all colleagues for their help today. Will upload a link to FOCUS soon.

I am pleased to say the City Council's Policy and Resources Committee will on Monday be deciding on my proposal to increase capital funding for unadopted pavement upgrades from £200 000 to £500 000 each year. This will make a huge difference to the problem.
The photograph (above right) is from Arnhall Drive. The fact that a cover sits above the pavement level (and the poor pavement surface itself) highlights the problem and this street was not even on the waiting list. It hopefully soon will be. I contacted the Acting City Engineer about it (following complaints from residents) and paste his response below:
"I confirm that Arnhall Drive is an Unadopted Footway. It will be added to the list and assessed and scored/ranked at the next review."