Thursday, 17 May 2007

Vote Dundee! And last word on election results ...

Firstly, many thanks to the local resident who advised me about the new Monopoly game - click on the headline above to view more - and make sure Dundee gets included!
As her e-mail advises :
"We're in 6th place just now and Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow aren't even on the board! I was always very competitive when it came to Monopoly and this is just adding a whole new dimension!! Vote now!! Get anyone else you know to vote too!!! The closing date for voting is 25th May."
Janet & I have good friends who live in the Burgess Hill area in Sussex and we note Burgess Hill is one place above Dundee!
And ... a final word on the election results; further to my earlier blog entry saying I had spoken with the City Council's Public Relations Department about the display of the election results for the City Council, there are now PDFs of the detailed ward results available for downloading at :