Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Parking in Pentland

As residents will recall, I have highlighted various parking problems in the West End in the past.
The last local edition of FOCUS the old Tay Bridges Ward area gave good news regarding proposals for residents’ priority parking and the consultation to take place on these. This should go a good way to helping the parking issues around the Sinderins area and eastwards along the Perth Road from there, including many adjacent streets.

Now, a number of Pentland area residents have highlighted to me the problem of parking in streets like Saggar Street, Pentland Crescent and other nearby streets (see photo).

As the Housing Department has responsibility for estates management in the area, I have contacted the Department and am pleased to advise that the West District Housing Manager has agreed to meet me on-site to look at possible solutions. Further updates on the blog in due course!