Thursday, 25 January 2007

Sinderins, Roseangle, Newhall Gardens and Pennycook Lane

Attended last night's Blackness Area Residents' Association meeting and this morning, along with local residents, met on-site with Planning & Transportation Department officers at Sinderins to look at the operation of the junction following an accident involving a local resident here before Christmas. Changes to the way that vehicles "trip" the lights sequence at the top of Shepherd's Loan were agreed. Additionally, alterations to both exits from Pinegrove (better signage at Shepherd's Loan exit and alteration to the 'stop' line at Perth Road exit) were agreed.

Have also reported dangerous area on pavement in Roseangle caused by a dripping pipe from a derelict building (see right), need for a grit bin at the west end of Newhall Gardens, and secured a promise that the company which operates the clothing recycling bin at Pennycook Lane will empty it more frequently.