Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Tuesday meetings

Yesterday morning, along with the area Housing Officer and a representative of the council's City Development Department's Roads Team, I took part in a walkabout round the Corso Street, Abbotsford Street and Place, Blackness Road and Peddie Street areas, to look at local issues and ensure any problems are resolved.

Here are some of the matters we tackled yesterday :
Pavement repair required - corner of Peddie Street and Abbotsford Place - now reported for repair
Litter removal required - communal area - Peddie Street
Tree branches across pavement - Abbotsford Place - reported for trimming
Drain cover Blackness Road - reported for repair
Last night, I attended the October meeting of West End Community Council, at which there was an interesting address by Derrick Lang, the Dundee Airport Manager.   

My Update to the Community Council for October covered both West End Christmas Fortnight plans and also pavement improvements locally.   You can download the Update here.