Saturday, 4 October 2014

Getting things done - Lime Street

Parts of the Lime Street pavement on the north side of the Logie Estate, which is the sheltered housing side, with many elderly residents, are in poor condition - see right.

The Roads Maintenance Partnership recently advised me :
The Road Maintenance Partnership Inspector has visited Lime Street and Elm Street footways and has advised that there are currently no actionable defects at either location. 
He has noted that there are areas of wear on the Lime Street footways and that these are rough in places however they are not actionable and he is not proposing any further action.
I am unhappy about this response.   The photo above shows clear defects on the pavement that is very close to the Lime Street Sheltered Lounge.    I have therefore requested to meet the inspector on-site to discuss the pavement condition and this will take place in the next few days.