Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Further update on Riverside Drive/Riverside Approach

I had a concern raised about the quality of the finished road surface on Riverside Drive and have had the following update from the Roads Maintenance Partnership Manager at Tayside Contracts, which also updates on the re-opening of the right turn from Riverside drive (heading west) into Riverside Approach and the removal of traffic management :

"I'm not aware of there being any surfacing issues however, a final inspection of the works will be carried out next week and I'll provide feedback following this.

With regards completion of the works and previous correspondence. The traffic management will not be completely removed until Wednesday next week however, as of this Friday all vehicular restrictions will be lifted i.e. Riverside Approach will be open to right turn movements in a westbound direction.   The outstanding works will be the completion of the footways and other minor works which require traffic management to be left in place for H&S reasons."