Sunday, 12 October 2014

Road safety at Pinegrove - an update

Earlier this year, I mentioned that residents had highlighted to me a road safety concern at the south exit from Pinegrove that exits onto Shepherd's Loan.

The part of Shepherd's Loan that the slip road exists onto is the one-way only (northwards) at the north end of Shepherd's Loan, but there was no 'one-way only' sign on exit.    Vehicles had been noted by residents exiting south onto Shepherd's Loan in error.

At the time of my last update, I reported that the Pinegrove factors (Graham & Sibbald) had kindly agreed to a site visit with City Council officers to see if a “one way” sign could be placed within the curtilage of Pinegrove given the difficulty of placing it on the very narrow public footpath in Shepherd’s Loan.  

This has since taken place and the sign is now in place – see right.   My grateful thanks to Graham & Sibbald for their assistance with getting this issue successfully resolved.