Monday, 27 October 2014

Riverside Drive resurfacing works - a further update

From the Roads Maintenance Partnership Manager from Dundee City Council/Tayside Contracts earlier today in response to my request for information on the promised road surface quality inspection:

"The works are not fully complete therefore I have not carried out a final inspection yet.  I have however carried out an interim inspection of the carriageway surface.    In general the surface matrix is good, well bound, appropriately chipped etc.    I anticipate however that the enquiry relates to the vertical profile of the road on the westbound carriageway between the Tesco roundabout and the Tay Rail Bridge.    Due to the flatness of the existing road and previous drainage issues in the area, the new road surface has been profiled to ensure positive drainage to the existing drainage channels on the south side.   This means that, as expected, there is slow rise and fall effect on the surface.   During my inspection however I noted a a couple of transverse joints in the surfacing that are out of tolerance and these accentuate the effect.   Repair works will be carried out to these joints in due course, however, as we do in most cases with road surfacing works, we will leave the newly opened road in service for a period of time and monitor the performance of the whole surface before undertaking these identified repairs. 

I'm also aware that I advised the traffic management would be removed by the middle of last week. Unfortunately we have been delayed further due to resource issues and weather.   The surfacing on the westbound cycleway/footway will be completed today which will allow the majority of the TM to be removed, this will leave a small section of footway at the Tesco end to be completed.   This will be carried out following the alteration to a couple of street lighting columns    The pedestrian crossings will not be fully commissioned for a number of weeks due to other commitments with the signals contractor."

I am anxious to see a full inspection of the road undertaken as soon as possible as I have had a number of constituents raise issues about it with me.    I'm also anxious to see the remainder of the traffic management cones etc removed ASAP so the road can get back to a degree of normality.