Monday, 6 October 2014

Getting things done - West End road and pavement improvements

Earlier today, I had site visits with an officer from the City Council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership to both Perth Road and Lime Street, following residents’ concerns about the poor state of the pavement.

With regard to Perth Road, the concern is the pavement on the north side between Pennycook Lane and the Sinderins junction, where we discussed the footpath’s condition with a local resident who had unfortunately had a bad fall on the pavement some time ago.

The major problem with this stretch of footpath is that it is both heavily used, being in the Perth Road shopping area, but it has also been subject to repeated utility company repairs given the amount of servicing and cabling beneath.     

Localised repairs were agreed to today by the Roads Maintenance Partnership representative but I have now written to the City Engineer seeking his consideration of full resurfacing in a future programme.
With regard to Lime Street (see above) the east pavement is very worn, causing many puddles and the pavement is immediately adjacent to the local sheltered housing lounge and therefore well-used by elderly residents.

I have now been advised :

"Further to our meeting this morning I agree that the surfacing on this footway is heavily oxidised and worn and would benefit from resurfacing.  
This footway was condition scored as a 5 out of 6 in 2013 but I feel that it has further deteriorated since then and I will be recommending it is considered for inclusion in the updated 3 year programme that is to be issued in April 2015."

This is a very good result as the pavement is really in need of resurfacing.

During our site visits today, I again mentioned (at residents’ requests) the poor road surface in Hillside Terrace.   It has had pothole repairs over the summer following my request, but the road is in need of resurfacing.    I have now been advised the good news that :

“Further to our meeting this morning I can confirm that the carriageway in Hillside Terrace is currently proposed for a thin surfacing treatment in year 2 of the current 3 year programme, ie 2015/16.”