Friday, 2 August 2013

Thursday activities

I recently reported that I had  received complaints from constituents that that the “red” light on Hawkhill at the junction with Bellfield Street (heading east) was not functioning properly because the ‘visor’ was not positioned properly so drivers could not see the red light on the right side of the road.

Yesterday, I took part in a site visit with two City Council traffic engineers and I am pleased to say the problem is now rectified.

Thereafter, I had a very useful meeting with Balgay Bowling Club and I then had a meeting at Dundee West Church to discuss the early planning progress towards the events in 2015 to commemorate the centenary of the death of Mary Slessor.    The Mary Slessor Foundation is making good progress with this I am pleased to report.

Whilst at the church, I was delighted to visit the new exhibition at Roseangle Cafe Arts of works by Something Palatable.    As you can see from some photographs I took below, it is well worth a visit.   The exhibition runs until 14th August.