Saturday, 31 August 2013

Speed concerns on Perth Road

Back in 2009, after campaigning by local residents and myself, the speed limit on the most westerly part of Perth Road (west of the Invercarse Hotel) was reduced to 30mph.   There was absolutely no logic to having the speed limit on Perth Road west of the Invercarse Hotel a different limit to that east of the hotel.

Although most drivers adhere to the revised 30mph limit, I get complaints from residents about a minority of drivers who drive at more than the limit.   I have, on behalf of residents, raised this concern with both the police and the City Council's Head of Transportation.    The Head of Transportation has responded saying:

'I use this section of road frequently and can envisage the situation as described, and in both directions not just when vehicle exit Riverside Avenue.

We will look into the provision of one of these speed activated signs whereby vehicle exceeding the speed limit are given a visual reminder that the speed limit in force is 30mph.'

This is a sensible suggestion that local residents will welcome.