Friday, 30 August 2013

Bus stop at Harris Academy/West Park Centre on Perth Road

Earlier this week, a constituent raised the following concern with me:

"When are the Council planning to put a replacement bus stop in Perth Road for the people who want to get off at Harris/West Park Halls?   The bus stop  area  has been fenced off  and the bus stop (which has not been covered as out of use) is well behind their barrier.   Anyone wanting a bus there would have to stand on the road which would not be advisable."

I raised the matter with the Head of Transportation at the City Council who has responded as follows:

"This has been addressed as part of the school demolition / construction programme.

A temporary bus stop sign has been erected on a lighting column opposite Grosvenor Road and the permanent Bus Stop pole will be relocated next week as part of a citywide series of bus stop / shelter works.

With regard to the use of the stop as a timing point, this is a matter for the bus operator but will clearly not be available to take time."

I am pleased that this matter has been addressed as this is a busy bus stop.