Saturday, 17 August 2013

Recycling - Tullideph Road

I recently had a request from residents in Tullideph Road for an extension of the "green box" household recycling facility.    I raised this with the City Council and have been advised:

'At the time of the green box trial introduction, a range of kerbside-serviced property types were to be included on the trial to assess service suitability\usage etc and as a result, not all streets within discrete areas were included. Also, streets with a high number of flatted properties were left off routes at that time, as the kerbside green boxes were not deemed suitable for communal dwellings. These factors explain why it appears that Tullideph Road has been missed out, with the other streets around it included.

We have no immediate route extension plans - a number of factors for future waste & recycling service introductions\extensions are currently under review, as you are probably aware. We will be determining the most appropriate services for different property types and will obviously communicate with members regarding these factors.'

I am anxious that the review of household recycling facilities that is presently taking place results in a significant improvement of facilities for many West End constituents and I will be keeping a close eye on progress towards this.