Thursday, 1 August 2013

Common Housing Register - Consultation

I have long advocated the "pooling" of the various housing waiting lists in Dundee run by housing associations and the City Council's own housing waiting list to maximise the choice of housing and the chances of being given an allocation for all those applying for social housing in Dundee.

This is your chance to have an influence in the review of Dundee’s Common Allocation Policy.  This policy will be used by Dundee City Council and Housing Associations in the city who may decide to join a Common Housing Register.  The policy will be used to decide who receives the offer of a house based on their housing needs.

The aim of the consultation is to ensure that the policy accurately reflects the housing issues facing people in the city.     It is seeking the views of both individuals and organisations on the content of this draft policy.    To comment on the policy please click here and then complete the online survey to respond to the questions posed in the draft along with any other observations you may have. 

The closing date for this consultation is 16th September 2013.