Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Roseangle traffic speed concerns

In the Roseangle area, there are two homes for adults with learning disabilities.    I have received concerns about the speed of some vehicles in the street from one of the homes:

"Our residents ... are really concerned about the speed of some cars on Roseangle as are ourselves.   As you know many of our residents are elderly and are slower at getting around.   To go to their daytime activities they have to cross Roseangle to get the bus.   They also like to go out for walks,to the shops etc.   They are very anxious about crossing as some cars speed.    I witnessed a car doing more than 40 mph tonight.  Anyone walking onto the road wouldn't stand a chance - there was no way this driver would be able to stop in time."

I contacted the City Council requesting a vehicle speed/safety survey and the Head of Transportation has now updated me as follows:

"I will request that Roseangle is added to the speed survey list and there is currently an approximate 8 - 10 week waiting period.

We will report back the findings once they are available."