Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Dundee City Council meetings

At last night's City Council meetings, there were a significant number of issues discussed.

At City Development Committee, I welcomed the news that the tourist information service is to move back to the City Centre as part of the new City Square Box Office facility.   I complained to Dundee and Angus Tourist Board when it previously moved the facility out of Castle Street and down to Discovery Point as I feel a main City Centre location is vital, so am pleased with the move to the City Square.

At Education Committee, I commented on proposals to alter the priority scheme for enrolling school pupils at both primary and secondary schools in the city.   The rationale for change is sensible, given the growth in primary school rolls, but it is important that all with a view on what is being proposed give their views during the consultation process.

At Environment Committee, I again highlighted concerns about air quality in the Lochee Road/Cleghorn Street/Rankine Street junctions and sought assurances that measures are being taken to address this.

At Policy & Resources Committee, I welcomed news that the West End Ward is to be given £10 000 community regeneration funding through the Fairer Scotland Fund in 2014/15.    I have long campaigned for the West End and the Ferry Ward (both previously excluded from the funds) to be given a share of this funding to ensure that no area in the city is excluded, and although £10 000 in 2014/15 is less than I had hoped for, its a start and the West End will make good use of its funding.   I made the point last night that funds must be allocated in such a way that it benefits those on the lowest incomes, which is the principle behind Fairer Scotland funding.