Sunday, 29 December 2013

Street Lighting Partnership

I am pleased to say that, yet again, Dundee has had the best street lighting service in Scotland in terms of fewest number of lights out and speed of repair during 2013.

The Street Lighting Partnership does a superb job and has been extremely helpful this year - as always - in terms of lighting repairs in the West End.

For information, the following faults/defects are classified as Emergencies and should be reported immediately to the Council by phoning the following telephone number.

0800 232323 (freephone)
01382 433063 (if using a mobile phone)

Faults/Defects which constitute Emergency Attendance:

Street lights or illuminated traffic signage damaged by vehicles.
Missing column doors / Exposed wires.
Groups of lights and Single lights out are not normally classed as emergencies and will be passed for repair the next working day.
Lantern Bowls hanging.

The council website has a form for the reporting of non-emergency Street Light Faults Only that you can access here.