Thursday, 19 December 2013

Road safety outside Harris Academy site, Perth Road

As residents are aware, with the old Harris building in Perth Road currently being demolished, the stretch of the road outside the school site is narrowed (and will remain so for three years) due to the construction company's temporary site buildings and boundary fencing to the south side.   See photo below:
Perth Road at the site, taken early morning yesterday
I have had a number of constituents express concern that, with the road narrowed, there is more limited space for vehicles passing each direction - this is a busy bus route - and the white lines are no longer in the middle of the road.

I have suggested to the council :

* Removal of unneeded yellow road lining outside the Perth Road site whilst the school is decanted to Lawton Road.

* Repainting of the white lining in the middle of the road to properly reflect the current road width.

* Ensuring that construction vehicles enter the school site slowly and carefully.

* Imposing a 20 mph zone along the stretch during construction (there is already electronic signage in place for the school and in my view and the view of residents, it would make sense that the 20mph zone is permanently in operation during the construction phase).

Yesterday, during morning rush-hour, the City Council's Chief Executive met me on-site to look at the issues and I am grateful to him for taking the time to do so.   Relatively simple measures here will improve traffic safety during the school building project and I am hoping for swift action by Dundee City Council to address the issues.