Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Last couple of days ...

Yesterday, I had a useful site meeting with the West District Housing Manager and a senior housing officer regarding residents' concerns about the deteriorating state of some of the lock-ups for the Logie Estate that are situated in Glenagnes Street (see below).   A number are unoccupied and in poor condition which is unfortunate in an otherwise well-maintained and popular area.   I have impressed upon the Housing Department the necessity of improving the condition of the lock-ups and having a strategy of attracting new tenants for the unoccupied ones.
Also yesterday, I participated in the first meeting of the group set up to look at Harris Academy transport issues, which has proved to be a good opportunity for Parent Council representatives, parents, councillors and council officers to meet to discuss and seek solutions to any outstanding issues.

Last night, I attended the December West End Community Council meeting at which there was an excellent, informative address by Professor David Swinfen on the work of the Tay Rail Bridge Disaster Memorial Trust.

This afternoon, I participated in the City Council's Scrutiny Committee, at which I queried complaints about the council to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, praised the improvements in time taken to respond to noise complaints raised by residents and also queried IT back ups, disaster recovery and business continuity arrangements in relation to the computer systems used to administer the Tayside Pension Fund.