Sunday, 8 December 2013

Final Saturday's events of the West End Christmas Fortnight

Yesterday, the final events of the 2013 West End Christmas Fortnight took place with a really well-attended and enjoyable Soup and Pudding Lunch at Dundee West Church - run by our Friends of Magdalen Green team - and the "Broken Puzzle" play - again at the church - by the Jericho House team, ably directed by Claire Bee.

Unfortunately, our planned Primary 5s football competition at Riverside had to be postponed as the pitches were unplayable due to the cold conditions, but we will be rescheduling this, probably during WestFest 2014.

Here's some photos from yesterday's activities:
Setting up the Soup and Pudding lunch
Soup and Pudding Lunch in full swing!
Jericho House's 'Broken Puzzle'