Friday, 27 December 2013

Parking at Ryehill Health Centre

Some years ago, I had a very useful meeting with Dr MacCowan of the Ryehill Health Centre and with the then Head of Environmental Management at NHS Tayside, regarding the health centre's car park (see below).
The meeting resulted in a helpful arrangement where, although the car park is rightly barriered during health centre opening times to ensure it can only be used by patients and staff, the barriers are left up in the evenings and at weekends - a great help to local residents and parishioners of St Peter's Free Church in an area of the West End where parking can be a real difficulty.

Following concerns raised with me recently that the NHS may be reviewing this arrangement, I contacted both Dr MacCowan and NHS Management and I am pleased to say that the arrangement will continue.   NHS Tayside's Support Services Manager has advised that although a new barrier is in place, it will be programmed to be left in the raised position during times the centre is closed.

I am very grateful to Dr MacCowan and NHS Tayside for the very prompt response to my enquiry on this matter.