Monday 9 January 2023

Weekly Road Report – West End Ward #dundeewestend



Glamis Drive – closed eastbound in 2 phases from Monday 9 January for 4 weeks for Scotland Gas Networks work. Phase 1: Hazel Avenue to Glamis Road. Phase 2: Invergowrie Drive to Hazel Avenue.

Perth Road (at Pennycook Lane) – temporary traffic lights from Tuesday 10 January to Friday 13 January for bus shelter relocation.

Perth Road/Nethergate (Roseangle to South Tay Street) – overnight (7.00pm to 6.00am) rolling temporary traffic lights from Tuesday 10 to Thursday 12 January for C-Plan duct proving works.

Forthcoming Roadworks

West Marketgait (Northbound) at Greenmarket (new BT development) – off‑peak (9.30am – 3.30pm) lane closure for 5 no water service connections commencing 16 January for 2 weeks.

Blackness Road (at Blackness Avenue) – off‑peak temporary traffic lights on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 January for sign installation.

Riverside Drive (at Bridgeview Café) – temporary traffic lights on Monday 23 January (9.00am to 6.00am) for Scottish Water ironwork repair.

South Marketgait (at Railway Station) – off‑side westbound lane closure on Monday 23 January for Scottish Water ironwork repair.

Riverside Drive (Tesco roundabout to Barnetts Garage) – closed overnight (10.00pm to 6.00am) on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 January for Network Rail bridge safety inspection.

Session Street – closed from Monday 30 January for 2 weeks for Scottish Water work.

Glamis Drive – road closure on Monday 13 February for CityFibre works.

Dunmore Drive/Gardens – closed Thursday 23 February for 5 days for carriageway resurfacing. *

* On this work in Dunmore Drive/Gardens postponed from late 2022, we sought assurances from the City Council that the work will take place in early 2023. We have been advised as follows from the Senior Engineer - Roads Maintenance Partnership :

“At present all being well, the works are currently programmed for the last week in February, first week in March.

The only sticking point is with the increases in the Bitumen prices there may be a possibility that the works may be postponed until after March. I am currently working out the likely outturns for the works on site now against the budget so should have a better idea by the end of next week.

Once this has been completed I will let you know."