Sunday 8 January 2023

Entrance to Balgay Park at Balgay Road/Scott Street #dundeewestend

We received complaints about the road surface and footways around the entrance to Balgay Park at Balgay Road/Scott Street.    We raised this with the City Council and received the following feedback :

"Neighbourhood Services and the Roads Maintenance Partnership have completed their inspections of Balgay Park/Scott Street entrance. Below is their feedback :

Neighbourhood Services

The road surface to the inside of the Balgay Park falls within a promoted cycle route and a request has been submitted to Sustainable Transport Team seeking the possibility of resurfacing of this area due to the degradation experienced through general wear and tear, albeit I am pleased to confirm no actionable defect is present.    The park gate / barrier is in need of a repair and as such, repair work is in the process of being organised.

Roads Maintenance Partnership 

The surrounding footways leading into Balgay Park are all in good condition with no actionable defect present.    The Scott Street carriageway is in a worn condition simply due to its use and age;   however no actionable defect is present.    Unfortunately due to ongoing funding cuts being passed down to the Roads Maintenance Partnership and the effects of hyperinflation, it is unlikely this carriageway will be resurfaced for the foreseeable future."