Saturday 14 January 2023

Elliot Road tennis courts - an update #dundeewestend

Residents will recall that, back in September of last year, we highlighted the deteriorated state of the Elliot Road playing field's tennis courts.

Having raised this with the City Council, Fraser took part in a very useful meeting at that time, including representatives from Dundee City Council, Harris Academy, sports clubs representatives and West End Community Sports Hub.

Yesterday, a follow-up meeting took place that Fraser took part in.    The tennis courts have since seen work to the blaze surface to remove weeds and will be raked and rolled before the spring.

We discussed at some length funding options to create a proper, multi-functional facility.   A collective bid to external organisations covering around five Dundee projects will be made in the coming months, including Elliot Road, which is really good news.

We will, of course, keep residents updated on further developments.