Saturday 12 February 2022

Miller’s Wynd car park lighting improvements #dundeewestend

Last year, at the request of residents, I raised with the City Council the inadequate lighting in the Miller's Wynd car park.

At the time I received the following helpful reply from the council's Team Leader for parking and sustainable transport :

"My colleague from the Street Lighting Partnership went out to the Miller's Wynd car park last week to assess the situation. 

He reported that while there is power to the lighting column that holds the floodlights, it is difficult to access because of the trees and therefore almost impossible to replace the lanterns safely.

He has recommended an alternative lighting solution (new column, new floodlights, new location) which he thinks would be more effective in bringing the car park lighting up to the expected standard and allow for future maintenance."

I am pleased to say that this work has now been completed and means the car park is now far better lit.