Wednesday 2 February 2022

Getting things done - Riverside Avenue #dundeewestend

A resident recently asked me :

"Is there any possibility of putting in light controlled crossing facilities at the end of Perth Road and Riverside Avenue near the Technology Park entrance?

It is really difficult trying to walk to the middle of the road in peak hour then across.

You have many people leaving the Technology Park and crossing this busy road to get to Invergowrie.

In the low sun recently, it was concerning trying to cross."

I raised it with the City Council's Traffic and Road Safety Team Leader who has sent me this helpful response :

"I am going to get someone to do a survey here to see what level of pedestrian demand there is across the road.

To be quite frank I am not convinced that there is a high number so we will probably concentrate on the peak periods as a starting point and take it from there.

I have also got to be mindful that this is very near the boundary with Perth and Kinross Council and any consideration of a proposed new crossing would need to get some level of approval from them."

I will, of course, keep residents informed when I am given further updates.